The End is Nigh’

Campaign Background

It is 1399 by the Dale Reckoning. Less than a month before the new year and new century, the world is awash in fear, mistrust, political wheeling, and lies.

Ancient prophecies uncovered in the libraries of several centers of learning have revealed that, “This will be the last century.” What can that mean? Will the world end? Change? Or will this be some cryptic, indecipherable message that truly has no bearing on lifev for the common person. Feeding upon the worries of the common person, scores of cults, sects, and political factions have sprung up in most of the major cities.

These fears are not entirely unfounded either. Massive earthquakes have caused most of the former Savage Coast in the South to sink into the ocean, destroying entire kingdoms of the savage humanoids who lived there. Strange comets and celestial events have also been sighted, testifying to the coming of great changes in the cosmic gear-works.

A Kingdom in Peril
Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Cormyr, there are less grandiose, but still important events occuring. The old King Azoun V the Lawmaker is nearing the end of his life and has named his son, Prince Foril, his heir. However, most of the lords and the King’s Council know very little of the man-who-will-be-king. Barely in his twenties, Prince Foril spent most of his youth training with the War Wizards and Purple Dragons. The fear in the streets is that Foril will be war-happy, where his father brought 50 years of peace and prosperity.

The Coming Storm of War
To make matters worse, the nearby nations of Netheril, Sembia, and the city-states of the Dragon Coast are straining at the bit to get their chance at conquering or subsuming as much of Cormyr as possible during the inevitable confusion and chaos that will errupt when the current king finally dies.

Just Trying to Make a Living
Enter the band of travellers, one unfortunate halfling thief, a mysterious artifact, and rumours abound.

The Last Century

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