The Last Century

High Priestess Andress and the Devourer of Souls

Session 7

  • After much debating, and a disturbing performance by Aidlian as he got into the role of a sadistic priest, the plan was decided. The stairs led down into a large chamber to the south, which ended in large doors that hid a chanting crowd, and directly across from the stairs to the east was a hallway. On the wall between them and the hallway were four levers, each with a different symbol over it; a flame, an electrical orb, a screaming face, and a spike. It was decided that SA, Anauroch’Kar, Gabrill, and Dyna would scout out the area, Aidlian would examine the levers, and Syr, Madoc, Sarge and Echo would hang back and guard the rear.
  • The scout team walked through the hallway, first coming to a room with two candles on candle sticks standing ominously in the center. They were magical, and as one of them approached, they began to emit a quiet whistle. An alarm. They backed away and destroyed the candles with magical acid blasts and crossbow bolts, then made their way across the room to another hallway. This hallway had two passages going east and one going west, and ended in a turn to the west. The first passage to the east was dark and foreboding. The next was a set of stairs, and would lead too far away from the rest of the group.
  • Taking the passage west, they came to a torture room. A man in a loincloth lay on a torture table in the center with a strange magically floating table beside him holding various torturing devices. A set of Loviatar clothes were hung nearby, along with some potions, a dagger, and a flail. Anauroch’Kar took these as SA took the table, claiming that he wanted to study its power. They interrogated the ‘prisoner’, but it was obvious that he was lying and was in fact a priest of Loviatar. They kept up the charade though, and brought up through a door to the west which lead into the main chamber.
  • By this point, it was deciphered that the levers did in fact control traps, but they were set to the off position. As the door to the torture chamber was opened, Anauroch’Kar sent a whispering spell to the non-scouts, telling them they had a priest of Loviatar captive. When the man appeared, Aidlian noticed Pip getting suddenly excited and frantic. Aidlian then recognized the priest based on the description Pip gave him, it was Bell, Pip’s owner. Aidlian quickly ducked behind a corner, devising a plan to further his companionship with Pip. He used his shapechanging magic to mimic the appearance of the priest he took his robes off of and set Pip’s torch down, telling him to stay calm. However, as he turned to win Bell’s trust, he found the paladin Steele about to cleave the priest with his greatsword. It would’ve been a fatal blow, but as Bell saw his supposed ally appear, he went into combat mode, and reacted to the blade enough to keep it from killing him out-right. In a panic, Aidlian sprung forth, charging his allies and the priest and shot forth a blinding flashing colors. Madoc managed to resist the effect, but Steele and some others found themselves staggering and stunned. Aidlian shouted at Bell to run away. Instead, Bell ran to the levers and threw them, shouting for his allies to come to his aid.
  • The battle ended quickly with Bell’s death. Aidlian explained his plan of becoming Bell’s ally for the sake of learning Pip’s truename. There was a little bit of squabbling, but the group reorganized quickly as the chanting from the large double doors had stopped. They quickly barred the doors and got in position for the oncoming onslaught.
  • While this was happening, Anauroch’Kar and Gabrill remained in the torture room, waiting for the flank to come. After a few moments, a reflector appeared around the corner, and a voice called out to Anauroch’Kar, claiming a familiarity with him. Anauroch’Kar was hidden behind the torture table, and the two bickered about which one should come out first. Eventually a person stepped into a few, a halfling with dragonic qualities. He bared a symbol of Lendys, the dragonic god of justice, the same god Anauroch’Kar followed. However, his traits were that of a green dragon, so he was anything but an ally. He tried to corrupt Anauroch’Kar, but the half-orc’s willpower was far too strong. A short skirmish erupted, which ended with the halfling and fleeing down the hallway.
  • Anauroch’Kar entered the chamber to find the rest of his group taking cover as loud crashing was coming from the double doors. Aidlian watched the doors intently from around an alcove, and as soon as they burst open he let a rip with two bolts of magic. The bolts struck a rotting giant spider in the front, ripping through its body and destroying it instantly. More spiders, a rust monster, an otyugh, and finally a giant undead monster with a mini likeness of Shaunra in its ribcage.
  • The battle was extremely long and difficult, due to the traps located at the doorway that neither side would pass. SA, Anauroch’Kar, Syr, Sarge and Steele took up defense on the hallway near the levers, where bandits appeared lead by Harular and his gnomish ally. SA and the gnome had a little tit for tat moment while the bandits dropped. Gabrill began performing a war chant to encourage his allies. Madoc and Dyna fired at the undead with bows and crossbows while Aidlian poured his magic into their destruction. Running low on power, Aidlian took out one of his acid flasks and chunked it at the undead, damaging the remaining few and scaring off the devourer, which had only been able to fire necrotic rays into the room because of the traps. As the devourer fled backwards, Aidlian pursued. He loaded one of his beads of force into his sling and hurled it at the towering monsters. The explosion scared it off even more and unknowingly injured the two priests hiding behind it.
  • At this point everyone piled into the group to the north, which proved to be very foolish. As the last bandit went down, Harular took a deep breath and spewed out a wave of corrosive gas. It caught the entire group, the pain nearly dropping Aidlian instantly. Had it not been for Gabrill’s inspiring music, he may not pulled through. In retaliation, the half-elf took out his last bead of force, running forward and chunking it into the hallway before taking cover. Not quite the tit for tat, but was a worthy sacrifice. The gnome fell shortly after, and Harular wised up and ran. Gabrill attempted to persue him, but lost him in the darkened hallway to the east.
  • After a short breather, the group shut off the traps and went to face their true nemesis. In the room with the devourer, sure enough, was Andress, along with two priests and the evil cauldron from the swamp. One priest was dropped instantly, Aidlian held the other with a magic wand as the group zerged the devourer. Steele’s holy blade shined with justice as he cut the undead down. The last priest was dispatched with, and the group watched as Shaunra’s soul departed gratefully.
  • Andress did nothing during the fight except mysteriously harm herself with a negative energy spell. When we got to her, she surrendered, dropping all of her items and weapons before us. Some of the roughed her up a bit as they tied and gagged her. She was interrogated, and we learned of a Xill named Quell living up the stairs to the west. After a bit of debating, Aidlian was chosen to try and speak with the Xill as a priest of Loviatar. However, a mistake in his disguise tipped the Xill off, and it fled harmlessly back to its own dimension. The room it inhabited was shaped like a zero, with many small sleeping quarters around the outside. We searched the area for treasure, lots of nice treasure, before calling it quits for the time being and getting some much needed sleep.



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