The Last Century

Into the Depths of Loviatar.

Session 6


  • Having gained a believable map, as well as tying up Harlin and leaving him with a pile of orc/human corpses as well as Anarauch’kar’s beloved centipede parts, the group heads down the ladder of the Farm into the room which formerly housed a couple of guards. We explored the watery chasm to the west to find nothing of interest.
  • To the east they found the guard barracks, complete with a priest of Loviatar donning red robes. A blast of rainbow and swing of the sword handled this encounter well enough. Aidlian grabbed the priest’s robes and pulled them over his clothes with the intention of masquerading as a priest himself.
  • The hallway continued south with a passage heading east. We continued south to find it ending in a T. Down the east path was a room, and the west were prison pits. A jailer was there, but stood no chance against our numbers. Among the barred pits were three prisoners, each in their own pit. One was crying, another was laughing and crying, and another was silent. The silent prison turned out to be Sarge, and a wave of guilt fell over some of the us.
  • We released the crying man first, who was nothing more than a traveler who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Steele did his best to calm the man’s broken mind, and we set him aside to deal with the next.
  • The crying and laughing man was next. Steele’s blessed eyes found evil in his heart, but it was broken and shattered. The man had lost his mind. Branded on his skin was a symbol of Loviatar. It’s not secret that followers of Loviatar subject themselves to pain as much as their victims, whether through masochism or simply their teachings. The prisoner would not stand on his own, so Madoc tried to carry him, when the prisoner gleefully bit him on the arm. Madoc sighed in annoyance, dropping the man to the ground and delivering his fabled knock out punch. As the group argued over the prisoner’s fate, Anauroch’Kar deliberately walked up to the prisoner, loaded his crossbow, and put him out of his misery. We all stared at him in shock, and could see the foreshadowing of conflict ahead.
  • A few of us went back to bickering, Anauroch’Kar had nothing to say. He turned and walked off to the east room with Aidlian close behind. By the time the others noticed and ran over, the two discovered a strange spiked urn that animated on its own. Before they could react, it marched to them, opened up at the top and spewed out a greenish gas. The gas burned our skin, though we managed to protect ourselves from it some. With some bolts of magic from Aidlian, an electrical swipe from Kar, and Syr’s mighty eagles, the urn finally keeled over, spilling acid salts all over the floor. During this time, Steele made his way back to the prisoner, drawing a map of what we had explored and handing over one of his father’s short swords. He told the prisoner to leave while he still could, to seek the magical horse Ruth above in the barn, and the prisoner fled.
  • When SA discovered what Steele had done, all hell broke loose. Steele degraded Anauroch’Kar to a fiend, which Aidlian found pretty amusing, being legitimately but unknowingly fiendish. Anauroch’Kar’s temper broke, and he drew his wand of color spray and disabled the paladin. He followed up with a punch, trying to grapple with the staggering knight. Syr saw the action, dowsing the area with a thick mist spell to keep people from harming each other. Madoc and SA joined in the fray, trying to tackle anyone they could reach, but the mist made it too hard to see who they were grabbing. Aidlian and Dyna sat by the defeated urn, Dyna struggling to talk them out of fighting as Aidlian ignored the situation and began gathering up the salts into vials. Aidlian was not one for being grabbed, and the cartoon-esque cloud of mist and limbs did not look appealing to him.
  • Finally Anauroch’Kar was separated from the confused and dazed Steele. No real damage was done, and SA gave a rallying speech to bring the group back together. He proposed a blood pact, cutting his wrist and holding it out for others to join. Everyone was in except Aidlian, who shuttered at the idea of what his tainted blood might do to these people. The half-elf was given a pass on the wrist cutting though, and joined in the oath to work as a group until this was over. At the same time, Syr, being the hippie that he was, demanded a group hug to bind us on a more personal level. The group reluctantly agreed, from uncomfortable hugs to the more manly bro-hugs. Again, Aidlian did not want to be touched, and outright threatened Syr with repercussion should he touch him. Syr cleverly duped Aidlian into looking away then hugged him from behind. If Aidlian had fangs, he would’ve bitten, if he had claws he would’ve swiped. And even though Aidlian had no such abilities, Syr felt the chill of evil from the embrace.
  • Now reunited, the group moved on to the last prisoner, Sarge. After a brief interrogation, SA revealed our identities to him, and calmly explained that we had no intention of him ending up here. Sarge, equally calm given what he put up with, said he believed him. He announced that he wanted revenge for the torture he had been subjected to, but not from us. We offered him the change to shed Loviatarian blood with us, as well as the magic blue sword we took from him earlier and Madoc’s original banded mail, and he agreed. He even joined in on our blood pact.
  • Down the east passage way came a turn to the south. Halfway down this hallway was a strange door with a fanged mouth swallowing the door nob. Our muscle and eagle-man stayed back to guard the rear as Dyna, SA and Aidlian examined the door. The fangs dripped with blood, though no hand was found.
  • At the end of the hallway on the west side was a small forge with a chimney going up. SA’s arcane eyes found magic in the flame that danced atop no fuel. What’s more, chained to the wall was a handsome elf who was strangely fey in appearance. SA moved to elf to interrogate him, but the prisoner whispered something about the fire being alive. Dyna remained at the bloody door as Aidlian peaked into the forge to see what was doing on. Just as he did, a squeaky voice from the flame mused at the three humanoids, before the flame itself leaped up the chimney. SA turned back to the elf to question him as Aidlian sprinted to the chimney calling out to the flame.
  • Aidlian, being dimwitted, offered the flame some paper from his book as a treat. Strangely enough, the flame pounced the half-elf’s hand, though Aidlian’s fiendish skin itself is resistant to burning. The flame climbed off, and eventually introduced himself as Pip, which was of course was not his true name. The only one who knew his true name was Bell, a blacksmith and priest of Loviatar who had enslaved him. He had orders not to leave this forge, but Aidlian was ecstatic with the notion of having a baby fire elemental as a companion. He tried masquerading as a priest of Loviatar with authority over Bell, then offered Pip his freedom which Pip didn’t understand. Finally, after discovering the elemental’s joy of ‘fighting’ with metals to shape them, Aidlian offered a world of rare metals for Pip to experience. Reluctantly, Pip agreed, hoping on a torch that Aidlian offered.
  • By this point, the elf had been introduced as Gabrill, a bardic character with a fey-like knack for annoyingly clever yet redundant statements. He spoke like a poet, but spoke of the same revenge that Sarge sought for the torture he had endured. SA handed over his shortsword and agreed to bring along the pestering elf.
  • Aidlian’s mage hand alone failed to open the door. Finally, one of us reached in and grabbed the handle. The fangs bit down, causing a minor but annoying wound before the door unlocked. Loviatarians enjoy pain, go figure. Anauroch’Kar propped the door open with a spike from his climbing kit before we continued down the hallway to the east. We viewed many depictions of pain and suffering on the walls before coming to a door with equally painful images on the front. This was the temple of Loviatar for sure.
  • Another fanged door, another spike, and we found ourselves in a room with four pillars, each baring a large wooden mask, and a brazier in the center containing a magical flame. The flame was nothing of importance. Off to the south of the room was an iron maiden, and as Anauroch’Kar wandered into the room, he triggered a trap. The tile bellow him sprung upwards, tossing the half-orc into the iron maiden which immediately locked shut. In a panic, the group tried desperately to free their ally, but the lock was very difficult to pick. With some help from Gabriel’s acid spell, we managed to break open the iron maiden. Anauroch’Kar was once again badly wounded and sought healing from Steele and Syr.
  • Through another hallway, we found one set of stairs heading up, possibly back to town, and another heading down to a large chamber. We stopped to take a breather from the excitement and plan our next step.



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