• Aidlian Bursis

    Aidlian Bursis

    An eccentric half-elven scribe and performer with a demonic taint.
  • Edrionessie


    I am a gnome merchant trader. A dealer in both goods and services, a master of language, a showman, at home with lords and the lost alike, a dabbler in magic, a true friend and a patient enemy. Why you ask, you looking to make a deal?
  • Syr Vanfren

    Syr Vanfren

    A druid who is very wise and perceptive
  • Dyna


    A less-than-lovable halfing thief who has pulled the party into a dangerous plot revolving around a mysterious crystal statue.
  • Ferrin "Sarge"

    Ferrin "Sarge"

    A grizzled thiefcatcher from Marsember. Originally after Dyna and the statue, he hounded the party to Suzail where he was captured.
  • Man in the Carnival Mask

    Man in the Carnival Mask

    The mysterious villain who hired Ferrin to hunt down Dyna and whoever else holds the statue.