I am a gnome merchant trader. A dealer in both goods and services, a master of language, a showman, at home with lords and the lost alike, a dabbler in magic, a true friend and a patient enemy. Why you ask, you looking to make a deal?


Edrionessie goes by the much simpler name of ‘SA’. Both his personality and dress are malable and adaptable, always attempting to gain advantage in any situation. SA is equally at home among the working poor as he is mingling among the rich and powerful. SA projects an aura of confidence bordering on arrogance, and is very generous with his opinions and advice.

SA is 3 feet tall. He is in his early 40’s, which is quite young for a gnome. In fact excepting his large nose and thin mustache, his body would have the appearance of a 5 year old human. His skin is tanned brown and sun beaten but completely free of wrinkles, although he does have very faint freckles. His eyes are a bright deep blue. He wears his hair medium length and it covers his ears. It is often hidden under a black leather hat with a large flat brim, or tied back away from his eyes with a braided leather cord.

SA is completly aware of and frustrated by his childish appearance to humans. He attempts to mitigate this affect by his dress and subtle disquises. In particular SA has been dying his hair a salt and pepper grey for years. He also dresses in layers and emulates a fatty paunch, although he is actually quite lean. He wears a wide range of outfits depending on the circumstance. On the road he wears either a white and black outfit of badger fur and leather, or if the weather is not too cold his leather armor suit covered with a very well made wool cloak dyed forrest green. In warmer weather or in towns his clothes will vary depending on the mission and who he is mingling with, he will try and dress to blend into the surroundings and come off as a peer rather than to impress.

SA much preferes to talk to humans and elves while seated, so that he can look directly in their eyes. Failing that possiblity he often climbs on top of convinent perches such as chairs, rocks, logs, or the seat of his wagon.

If expecting combat SA wears a very well made masterwork suit of black leather armor. The armor has numerous small pouches, hooks, and fasteners that SA uses to equip and secure his gear. Most noticable of these are a pair of bandoliers across his chest, on left side is 3 throwing knives, on the right 3 potions secured in metal cases. On his left hip is a quarrel of x-bow bolts and his right is a scabbarded short swort. Slung onto his back or carried is his hands is crossbow, a gorgeous weapon of very fine construction made of deep red wood.


Hated Enemy: In general SA thinks that those among the rich and powerful who use thier position to subjugate and enslave the common people deserve to be dealth with by their own methods.

In particular Lord Even Asberary, Merchant Lord of Selaguant, Grainmaster and Shipbuilder is my sworn enemy and he will suffer mightly before I am Done with him!

Short Term Goal: Build a successful adventuring, transport and trading company capable of sustained profits and growth in memebers and power. Aspect of that goal that are yet to be developed include:

  • Fund and build a home base of operations with a legitimate coverstory and business
  • Form a cohort of like minded individuals and dear friends as the founding members

SA has come to realize that many great adventures would be horrible business partners and now hopes to form two seperate organizations

Long Term Goals:

  • To build and operate a tradding fleet of vehicles including ships, wagons, horses, mules, magical constructs and flying machines


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