An old kingdom, located on the western shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Cormyr is the starting location of the campaign and the home, if perhaps temporarily, of most of the party.

King Azoun V the Lawmaker is nearing the end of his life, after bringing the nation over 50 years of just and bountiful rule. He is ill and on his deathbed. Prince Foril, his only son, has been named heir to the throne. Unfortunately, very little is known about the Prince by the common people and even the elite. He spent his youth training with the Purple Dragons (a knightly order) and the War Wizards (the elite, magic-using branch of the military). Will he bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom? Or launch it into reckless and costly wars with its many hostile neighbors?

Cormyr is currently allied with several of the Dalelands, Myth Drannor, and the Bedine Separatists within Netheril.

However, it is facing off against the combined forces of Sembia, Netheril, the Dragon Coast, and several other powers in the region.


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